General Information

Proven Strength

Vanguard offers a patented precast concrete pool wall panel designed using time-tested and proven technology. This construction technique provides all the strength and credibility of a concrete structure at a greatly reduced cost for installation when compared to conventional pneumatically-applied or cast-in-place construction techniques.

Keep Labor Costs Under Control

The precast pool wall is easily installed and, unlike conventional construction, does not require trained labor to distribute and tie together tons of re-enforcement steel (re-bar) in the field. Placing and tying re-bar at the site is a costly and time-consuming process that is also subject to weather conditions, site conditions, and human error. These costly procedures are eliminated by using a precast pool wall.

Ready When You Are

Vanguard wall panels arrive on site ready for installation. There is no need for a skilled nozzle-man or a crew of specialized pool installers to spend weeks building the structure. There are no forms that need to be installed and then removed from the site. Our construction technique, when compared with the alternatives, is cleaner, safer, and more efficient. The Vanguard system creates little interference with the other trades.

The benefits and cost-savings of Vanguard are inherent in its simplicity. The substantial advantage to stakeholders is the ease of the installation process:

1. Wall sections are manufactured in the USA in a controlled environment to engineered specifications.

2. The panels are trucked to the construction site and unloaded with an excavator.

3. The panels are set in place and grouted.

4. When the grout has set, the moment connection and closure pours are installed.

5. The structure is now ready for backfill and to receive the gutter system and interior finish.

A precast concrete wall panel form.
Concrete pool wall designed to save money.
Wall panels have a waffled design that saves material transportation cost.
A new indoor concrete swimming pool.