About Us

Specifically designed and engineered for competition swimming pools, the Vanguard Pool Wall System employs a pool construction technique that incorporates patented precast concrete pool wall panels with a poured concrete floor. This technique substantially reduces the labor, construction time, and many of the overall costs associated with other pool building methods.


Vanguard Pools was founded by a swimming pool consultant who began his career as a pool equipment sales executive, a mechanical/structural engineer with 40 years of experience engineering retaining walls, bridges, and swimming pools, and an experienced USA Swimming coach. Together, this combination has successfully completed hundreds of commercial, municipal, and institutional projects.

The first Vanguard Pool wall system was installed in New Providence, New Jersey in 2014 at the Berkeley Aquatic Club Center of Excellence.

Precast pool wall sections lie to cure in the sun.
A Vanguard wall section curing in the field.
A concrete pool wall section leveled and set.
A wall section that has been leveled into place.
The concrete pool wall sections are set in place.
The pool begins to take shape.