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Combat Rising Costs

The cost of a typical cast-in-place concrete, pneumatically-applied concrete (shotcrete), or steel-walled pool has risen dramatically over the past five years.

While the cost of construction materials (i.e. steel, rebar, concrete, etc.) has risen, the majority of the spike in construction costs is due to labor and the expense of associated benefits. The challenge facing the aquatics industry is to reduce the amount of time and labor involved in the building of structurally sound swimming pools.

The solution, as it is for much of modern construction, is the use of precast concrete. The solution is Vanguard.

No Compromise

The Vanguard pool system provides a method for the construction of long and short course swimming pools for less cost than conventional construction while maintaining structural integrity, through the use of precast concrete panels.

Vanguard uses a patented precast pool wall that is manufactured uniformly under controlled conditions and is delivered to the site ready to be set in place quickly by a minimal crew. This technique has taken hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the construction of large municipal, institutional, commercial, or privately-owned publicly-used swimming pools.

  • forwardPatented panels are engineered to project specifications; no wasted materials.
  • forwardDepending on design and finishes, Vanguard pools are significantly less expensive than conventionally-constructed pools.
  • forwardA general contractor can install the Vanguard Wall System.
  • forwardLess disturbance of the site during construction.
  • forwardInstallation time is substantially faster compared to conventionally constructed pools.
Pool wall section.
Each wall panel is engineered to the project's unique specifications.
A wall section being positioned.
A precast pool wall is lowered into position.
Precast concrete pool walls.
The wall sections are completed to form the pool vessel.